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it's a JSF url), a new JSF lifecycle will be started.However, since this is a forward, the request object will still contain all of the request parameters, including ''"javax.faces.My Faces Core provide a custom Exception Handler to deal with exceptions and provide detailed information about it.Since 2.0.8/2.1.2 this is disabled on Production environments unless it enabled on file.Don't forget to provide your custom error page in this scenario, to prevent show more information than necessary.The default Exception Handler in Production stage or when myfaces error handling is disabled just throw an exception.If this handler is not able to handle the error, an alternate error handler could be set in the config-parameter org.apache.myfaces. : Enviroment variables from the request Mert Caliskan (ERROR_REDIRECT_ALTERNATE_HANDLER The info of the error in the jsf page can be found using: 1. entry=handling_errors_with_an_errror) describes an approach which wraps the JSF servlet with a new servlet which delegates to the faces servlet but handles uncaught exceptions allowing the developer to redirect to a custom error page.

Server errors such as HTTP 500 can occur for a number of reasons such as uncaught exceptions, missing JSFs or backing beans, bad URL and the list goes on.The ''View Handler'' will call ''Error()'' in case of an error, which will lookup your '''' declarations in ''web.xml'' and forward to the error url.If the error url is picked up by the ''Faces Servlet'' (i.e.Avoid this situation is quite simple - in your deployment plan specify dependencies on myfaces-api and myfaces-impl and then modify classloading via hidden-classes setting.This document is the first in a series of tutorials where we will demonstrate how you can use the rich set of tools and APIs that comes with the Web Tools Platform Project.

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