Homosexual prisoners concentration camps

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Inmates were made to attach the clamps of electric wires to their toes and fingers — and the captors would then turn on the power. Several days later Anzor was taken outside and told that he was free to go — without any explanation.He thought about going to a neighbouring region and reporting his bruises and injuries at the hospital there, but got scared.“I thought if I would go there, they would be people like that there, too,” he said, laughing nervously.The other gay man who spoke to the AP said that his ordeal began when police arrested him in a crowded place, because his number was found in the phone of another gay man arrested earlier.Human rights groups have previously documented torture and extrajudicial killings perpetrated by Kadyrov's security forces against opponents and Salafi Muslims.Lokshina said the methods used against gay men echo these abuses — it's “their standard toolbox,” she said.He said that he believed his captors, dressed in camouflage, were abusing them one by one in a bid to find more gays.

In the first few days, the beatings were so frequent that he stopped feeling any pain, Anzor said, overcome at the memory.

If they caught me again, I know for sure I would not have made it out of there alive,” he said.

He told his family he was going away on business when he left for Moscow in early March and he hasn't been back since.

But “this anti-gay purge, sanctioned by top local authorities, is unprecedented,” said Tanya Lokshina, the Russia programme coordinator for Human Rights Watch.

Another gay man, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, told the AP that he was also arrested in Chechnya and held with dozens of others. Beside beatings, we were beaten several times a day with polypropylene tubes. “For 20-30 seconds they spin the handle, you feel the electricity, then you fall down, they stop it, and then immediately you come back to consciousness and you are ready again for a new discharge,” he said.

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