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Also, it is shown that one game can change him into more than one persona (Shown while he plays "Rule of Rose" and changes from Mad Cry to Drunk Cry because he can't stand the battles).The most known Crys in the fandom are these 5 personas he "changes into": Mad Cry: One of the most known and infamous of Crys, Mad is personified by a bloody mask with the mouth of the mask opened, revealing sharp "teeth".Some personalities are silly and fun, much like Cry usually is, while others are a bit more dark or malevolent.Certain personalities, such as Mad or Virus, are represented in fanart as cold or evil versions of Cry.Regardless, he persistently and effectively refuses. Now the subject of asking him results in either being ignored or angry, fan-based retaliation.Cry has confirmed he wears glasses(x) and it is evident in one of his Tumblr posts where he describes looking through a recently cleaned pair of glasses is like HD.The stream lasts an average of 8 hours, usually into around 6-7 AM. A common debate among Cry's viewers is whether or not they would like to see his face.

According to his Tumblr account, he sets aside 30 minutes to an hour a day which is filled with absolutely nothing but looking through fan-mail and messages, replying to as many as he can. He said that he only cared about the personality of the guy/girl/etc.

He is also personified as Cry's evil twin of sorts, shown in some drawings fighting against his malevolent doppleganger.

While he is very rarely unleashed, when he is, Mad is known to use violent methods against NPCs, and uttering a laugh only attributed to an asylum patient.

On another website, a fan asked where the name Cry came from. that he had an relationship with, taking no consideration with gender or anything else.

In another video (Bro Ken #3 w/ Cry) at time , Cry admits he doesn't own a green hoodie or have brown hair; that most fan-art portrayed him to have.

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