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Many young people today score higher on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory than did those of prior generations.The Narcissistic Personality Inventory social psychological research test (NPI) which measures narcissism, is based on clinical criteria for narcissistic personality disorder and was designed to measure narcissism in the general population.Some say there is a “narcissism epidemic” today and that this is reflected in every aspect of our lives.Walk through any mall or across most campuses – at all levels of education – when no one is protesting, and see how few people or children look up from their screens of “likes,” “tweets,” and “selfies” to look at or to even acknowledge the existence of other persons. Paul describes our present Me Now More people: But understand this: there will be terrifying times in the last days. The tip, but only the bloody tip, of this Me Now More darkness is the daily killing worldwide of thousands of babies in their mothers’ wombs, for what a mother or a father perceives to be possible increased present pleasure, career advancement, or “freedom.” Hundreds of millions of them have been killed simply because they were little girls.Being […] I am learning to keep my anxiety and irritation about others to myself.That does not mean that I have stopped my negative thoughts about others. I usually get anxious or irritated primarily when I experience feelings of inferiority.

Because of what they believe, and how they live, a deity, a generous selfless deity, especially a crucified deity, makes no sense to those of this present darkness.

On the cross, He knew He was dying for each and everyone of the Me Now More people of this present darkness, and their world rulers.

And He knew they would deny He even existed as God. Augustine provides a profound discussion of this crucified Christ: Therefore the Christ who is preached throughout the whole world is not Christ adorned with an earthly crown, nor Christ rich in earthly treasures, nor Christ illustrious for earthly prosperity, but Christ crucified.

But the light of His dying can dispel their darkness. Each of us is here and each of us is now the light of His dying; the light for everyone, including the Me Now More folks and their present dark rulers.

Each of us is His light which can shine in this present darkness.

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